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Prowerland: Unity for All by EmperorsGuard
Prowerland: Unity for All
Supreme Armed General Miles Prower:
Unity has been won, and we shall create a morrow, when your over Prowerland, there's a radiant sun!

The impossible has been achieved Moscow has fallen to the mechanical armed forces of Prowerland the remnants of The Allied Coalition of Eastern Nations has fled to Siberia. The European Union is no more, Prowerland's armies have achieved victory in Africa, Russia, Scandinavia, Finland, Spain, France and G.U.N's forces have retreated to the south. The only loss was Britain which managed to to stop him cold. The loss of over 5,000,000 robot troops and 30 Sky ships. The Supreme Armed General sent The Prime Minster a letter, but it wasn't Was asking for Britain's immediate and unconditional surrender. The British laughed it off..Only to receive a final response. "Surrender or your jolly little islands will become Atlantis new neighbors!"
ISIS World by EmperorsGuard
ISIS World
This was the plan laid out by not kidding, they intend to create The United Caliphate of The Levant. 
Long Live The Federation by EmperorsGuard
Long Live The Federation
Inspired by Call of Duty: Ghosts, with changes.
Propoganda of The Federation of The Americas:

The Eagle and Rattlesnake are no match for the might of the Jagaur and the Octopus! The time has come to achive Bolivar's dream! 
His Majesty's Dragon by EmperorsGuard
His Majesty's Dragon
The complete Union Jack

I really don't get why the Brits use a Lion as there national symbol when the Welsh Dragon is far cooler and far more symbolic of power. Some say its cause the English conquered the Welsh, or some say for religious reasons...don't really know. But the Welsh Dragon needs to be there. 
Prowerland: The East is ours by EmperorsGuard
Prowerland: The East is ours
My own ideas mixed with great ideas of :iconsilvermilesceo: 
Miles "Tails" Prower belongs to SEGA
Prowerland my idea. 
Pax Prower
The World of Prowerland(Alternate Sonic world)

With assistance from SilverMilesCEO
World of Prowerland - eve of war [SPOILERS]

Supreme Armed General Miles Prower:
The East is ours! This is too easy, why did other conquerors have such a hard time...oh thats right they didnt have robot armies.  

Prowerland: Dark Red
Leader: Supreme Armed General Miles Prower 
Capital: Central(Formally, Byzantium, formally Constantinople and formally Istanbul) 
Government: Military dictatorship 

Occupied Territory under Prowerland's armies: Red
Leaderl Sub Generals 

European Union: Dark Blue 
Leader:  Council of European Parliament 
Capital: London

The Allied Coalition of Eastern Nations: Brown 
Leader: The Eastern Pact
Capital: Moscow 

Guardian Unit of Nations(G.U.N): Light Blue 
Leader: Unknown 
Capital: None

The arrows represent the massive advancements of the Prowerland Army, Navy and Sky Fleets. 

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